Crime down by more than a quarter

Our action plan and the hard work of the Police means that crime is down by more than a quarter - the lowest level on record.SHARE this to let friends know.

Harriett Re-States Support for Kyre Day Centre

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative parliamentary candidate Harriett Baldwin has re-stated her support for Kyre Day Centre, which provides vital services for the elderly in and around Tenbury.

Harriett Celebrates Right To Buy Manifesto Pledges

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE parliamentary candidate Harriett Baldwin today welcomed measures set out in today’s Conservative manifesto to help people who work hard, do the right thing and want to get on in life.

We’re Backing Harriett Again

HARRIETT BALDWIN has been formally nominated to challenge for the West Worcestershire seat for a second term by a strong group of backers including two town mayors.

The SNP's ransom note to Ed Miliband

"More taxes. More borrowing. More debt"This is the SNP's ransom note to Ed Miliband - and you'll pay for it. SHARE to let friends know.