Conservative MEP launches campaign "The Digital Single Market – What's In It For Britain"

Conservative MEPs, including Consumer Spokesman and Internal Market Coordinator Daniel Dalton, have launched a campaign "The Digital Single Market - What's In It For Britain" to promote the UK's digital economy. The digital and tech sectors already support almost one and a half million jobs in the UK, and the e-commerce market in the UK is valued at over €100bn, the largest in the EU.

Our five priorities for British businesses and consumers in the DSM include:

·Greater choice and confidence for consumers buying products online

·Making it easier for small businesses to operate online and sell across borders

·Ensuring the internet is safe and secure, especially for children

·Supporting our digital entrepreneurs and boosting the use of big data

·Allowing consumers to travel with the digital content they have bought

Over the coming months, Conservative MEPs will lead a series of hearings and events with key players in the digital single market, starting with a hearing on the 1st July, when Daniel Dalton is chairing a debate on new business models with Uber’s European Head of Public Policy.

Ahead of the campaign launch and hearing, Daniel commented:

"Already the UK's digital economy is worth over 100 billion pounds every year, and we are one of the most digitally successful countries in the world. We must harness this potential, not stifle it.

"We must embrace new digital business models, and encourage the rest of Europe to follow our lead, otherwise we risk being left behind in the global digital revolution”.

"I and my Conservative colleagues will be working hard to make sure the Digital Single Market works for Britain."

For more details visit the Campaign Page: