Harriett Meets Tenbury Defence Innovation Winner

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin this week met with a computer games technology company which has been awarded funding to bring its expertise to the Ministry of Defence.

Stormcharge was one of 14 small and medium sized companies which was awarded a share of a £2 million defence innovation fund and Harriett met with Tenbury-based Dan Davies who briefed her on the work it is doing with the Ministry.

The company started out developing battlefield computer games and is using the technology to control un-manned vehicles remotely. One of its latest project involves working with a consortium to deliver autonomous public transport in Helsinki.

Harriett commented: “The Government invests millions every year in innovative science and technology that helps keep our defence at the cutting edge. It was a pleasure to meet a local resident involved in such innovative projects.”

Markus Kantonen, CEO and founder of Stormcharge said: “The competition from the Centre for Defence Enterprise has given our team a vital opportunity to prove the tangible and durable value of our innovative technologies for autonomous vehicles not only in defence but other sectors.

“Thanks to their support and the awareness made possible within the CDE community, we're confident that we'll be able to create strategic leverage for our future global growth. “