Harriett Welcomes Further Jobless Claimant Fall

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin has today welcomed the latest fall in unemployment claimants this month reported by the Office of National Statistics.


Latest ONS figures show that the number of people in West Worcestershire claiming Job Seekers Allowance has fallen to 460, 39 fewer than last month and 257 fewer than May 2014.


Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, commented: “I am pleased to see that the number of people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance continues to fall to record lows.

There are just 460 people claiming unemployment benefit in West Worcestershire which equates to less than one per cent of the working age population.


“Of course, the work must continue to help every person back into the security of a regular pay packet and our ambition remains to have full employment in Worcestershire.”