Harriett Welcomes Rural Productivity Plan

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin has today welcomed Government plans to help rural communities to thrive.

Chancellor George Osborne and Environment Secretary Liz Truss today released a ten point plan for rural communities including plans to help small businesses and support for families who choose to live in the countryside.

The announcement also includes commitments to invest in rural infrastructure like roads, broadband and mobile phone signals as well as plans to ensure younger rural residents get access to starter homes and affordable childcare.

Harriett commented: “Worcestershire is the finest places to live in the country but there are challenged in rural life like long commutes, sparser childcare, poor broadband and sketchy mobile phone signals.

“As more businesses choose to operate either from home of from small rural business parks, it is essential that we create a level playing field and ensure people have the same services whether they live in rural or urban areas.

“This plan is a great step forward and I look forward to seeing how the plans develop to benefit families and businesses based in world-class Worcestershire.”