Leadership Selection Update

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Dear Members,

Please see below Frequently Asked Questions with answers that you may find useful:

Membership FAQs

Can Associations support a leadership candidate?

Members can publicly support a candidate but Associations should remain neutral, Association officers should ensure this.  They should not support a candidate in their role as an officer e.g.”says xxx Association Chairman”.

Can Associations host events with the leadership candidates?

Associations are welcome to send invitations to candidates – but they should ask the same of all the candidates.

What happens if members have questions about their membership?

If you have technical queries about Association membership records you should use membership@conservatives.com
Where a member has a query, or the question refers to the candidates, the process or the hustings please email to leadership@conservatives.com.

Leadership Hustings Accreditation

The final two candidates in the Leadership Election will be attending Party organised hustings across the UK.  We hope that you will attend these to put your questions to the next Party leader. All attendees need to accredit for these events.  You can attend as many as you like.  For security reasons the precise location details will not be provided until closer to the event but members can choose whether to be contacted by phone or email to be updated with these details.  Please circulate the link with your members. The candidates will visit every region and we hope that members will support these events.  www.conservativehustings.com. There will be opportunities to view the hustings online as well and we will share this information as it becomes available.

Leadership Ballot Hotline

If you have any queries or questions about the leadership election- whether this be about membership, the ballot or the hustings please contact leadership@conservatives.com or 020 7984 8036.
If you have any members who would like to accredit for hustings but do not have access to the internet they can use this phone number to accredit via our team here at CCHQ.


Do feel free to contact the Association if you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,

West Worcestershire Conservatives