McIntyre: Commission announcement shows Britain's continuing lead security role

Today's decision to make Britain's Sir Julian King EU Commissioner in charge of security has been welcomed by Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre.
Miss McIntyre, MEP for the West Midlands, said the announcement by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker acknowledged the UK's continuing lead role in security issues.

She said: "We face a global threat in terrorism and organised crime. The creation of this new Commission role and Sir Julian's appointment to it speaks volumes. It highlights Britain's expertise and clout.

"This leading contribution on security matters will continue to be important post-Brexit, not just across Europe but across the world.

"The director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, is British and Royal Navy officers are in command of the EU's anti-piracy patrols which have been so successful off the Horn of Africa.

"Sir Julian's himself has held senior posts at the UN Security Council, NATO and the EU's Political and Security Committee.

"I hope continued co-operation on security will be at the heart of the Brexit negotiation."

Sir Julian is currently Britain's ambassador to France. If confirmed in the EU post, he will replace Lord Hill, the former Financial Services Commissioner, who resigned after the Brexit vote.