McIntyre: Cut ties until Iran stops executions and respects women's rights

The European Union should sever all diplomatic and trade relations with Iran until the executions there end and human rights are respectedThat was the message from Anthea McIntyre MEP to an International Conference for Free Iran held in Paris.She insisted European Commission officials should stop making trips to Iran to discuss commercial deals. It was sickening, she said, to see women officials discard their normal clothes just to appease the mullahs and adopt the dress code that imposed on millions of Iranian women against their free will.Miss McIntyre told her audience: "I am here as a free woman. I can make choices, I can make decisions, I can voice my opinions.

"In Iran, women have no such freedoms. Rouhani’s regime has increased the restrictions on women. Some 70 women have been executed and many women are in prison because they dared to express their opinions. "The people of Iran deserve so much better. That is why we stand behind Maryam Rajavi. "She has stood up for democracy. She has stood up against the fundamentalists. She has stood up against the mullahs who threaten our free world today. 


"Mrs Rajavi is an inspiration to us all. She is a brave lady. She is a great leader. Long live free Iran!"