MP Calls for Rural Patient Transport Support

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin has called on health chiefs to re-assess transport links to the county’s hospitals as part of a review of where services are delivered.

The MP has written to the public consultation urging the review body to ensure there are proper transportation links to make sure all patients are able to access services.

Worcestershire’s NHS Acute Trust is carrying out a review of where its services are delivered including centralising emergency care at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and carrying out specialist elective surgery in Redditch.

The review started six years ago and local people are being asked for their views on the current proposals before a final decision is made.

Harriett commented: “Much of the debate regarding this review has surrounded the future of services in Redditch but I am keen to speak up for all of my constituents – particularly those who live in south Worcestershire - who will be affected by these proposals.

“We all want to see the best possible care at our main Worcestershire Royal Hospital and I support measures to get the best resources and care in place.

“I’ve also supported the principle of delivering services closer to people’s homes and that includes making more, not less, use of our community hospitals as well as those hospitals run by the Acute Trust.

“However, some of these changes will have implications for people who have transport challenges and I have asked the review team to ensure that there are proper measures in place to make sure people can get easily to and from Redditch.

“The main Worcester hospital is usually easy to get to but there have been some changes to bus routes since the review was first started and I hope these will be considered when planning for any major re-configuration of services.”

Local people can have their say by visiting