MP Welcomes Latest Employment Figures

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed latest employment figures released by the Office for National Statistics which see those claiming unemployment benefit remaining at a record low.

People claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance and Universal Credit in West Worcestershire fell by 15 between February 2016 and 2017 to 510 people and 929 lower than the figure reported in February 2010.

UK unemployment is at its lowest levels for 12 years with 31.85 million people in work, up 2.8 million since 2010. Local unemployment claimants are reported as being 1.5 per cent well below the national average of 2.5 per cent.

Harriett commented: “The continued record employment numbers are welcome good news but it is important that we work towards finding a job for every person who wants one.

“Only last week I visited the Chase School to promote National Apprenticeship Week to encourage more people to consider vocational qualifications and there were interesting proposals announced in the Budget to create new skills qualifications for young people.

“It is essential that we look towards our local further education provision to help those looking for work to get the right skills to find a good job.

“I hope that we can work closely together with the business community to create the right economic conditions to create yet more well-paid, high-skills jobs.”