Severn Stoke Flood Defence Plan Gets County Boost

Council leader Adrian Hardman has written to Harriett Baldwin confirming that spare soil from major construction projects could be diverted to help build bunds in Severn Stoke.

Hundreds of metres of bund will have to be created to protect the homes and businesses in the flood-hit village but the soil is extremely expensive to source.

The news will be a major boost for villagers who worked with Harriett to secure a plan for permanent flood protection.

Harriett, who is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for West Worcestershire, said: “There are many major construction projects underway across the county and it makes sense to save some of this left-over soil to put it to good use in Severn Stoke.

“This kind offer by Adrian Hardman will mean that we can look to reduce the overall cost of flood defences even further, reducing the cost to the public purse.

“I have always said that we need to be smart to try and find ways of making the Severn Stoke scheme cheaper and this is one important step in the right direction.”