Conservative Business Forum

Thde Conservative Business Forum will be launched in 2020 and the Andy Street event on November 15 has been, regrettably, postponed following the forthcoming General Election announement

About the Conservative Business Forum

Everyone in Britain depends on thriving businesses to create jobs and generate the tax revenues that pay for schools, hospitals, roads, our Armed Forces and the Police. Your hard work keeps this country going. 

The West Worcestershire Conservative Business Forum provides an opportunity for business leaders within the West Worcestershire Constituency to meet with Industry experts, journalists and politicians on topics that really matter to you and our region.

 What’s the Format?

We want to give our local businesses the chance to sit down with our speakers and have the opportunity of a Q&A on the issues that matter to us. We’ll only take an hour or so of your time normally before the working day begins and offer you a hearty breakfast with our host, The Mount Pleasant Hotel!

Want to become a Business Forum member?

The Business Forum will be a Members Club and meet approximately four times per year for either a Business Breakfast or Business Lunch. You do not need to be a member of the Conservative Party to join the Club, although we hope that you will consider joining the Party and help us deliver the changes Britain needs to encourage growth, jobs and the economy.

You can attend each event on an ad-hoc basis or become a CBF member for annual membership fee of £150 per company. As a member you will receive generous Business Forum discounts on each event and an invite to an Annual Dinner each year

Contact me for details

Dean Wading- CBF Chairman