Harriett Baldwin MP Tours Cancer Research Facility

The MP visited the University's College of Medical and Dental Sciences (Friday February 7) to see vital research into treatments at first hand and meet with scientists and doctors. 

The team at Birmingham University runs clinical trials and last year spent more than £8 million on research projects. 

Harriett commented: "Extensive research plays an important role in helping clinicians to find more effective and kinder treatments. 

"Most people have had their lives touched by cancer either themselves or with a friend or relative and I was eager to see this important research work at first hand. 

"Many of us donate to cancer charities and I was eager to see where the cash goes and how our money is being spent to help beat cancer.

"I was also keen to thank them for their hard work and wished them well as they carry out a critical task for which all of us, will, at some stage, be very grateful."