Harriett Comments on Lords Tax Credit Vote

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin has commented on a vote in the House of Lords halting the Government’s Tax Credit reforms.

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire commented: “On Monday night, unelected Labour and Liberal Democrat Lords defeated a financial matter passed by the elected House of Commons to deliver part of our manifesto commitment to reduce welfare spending. This raises constitutional issues that need to be tackled.

"They did not seem to take into account that the National Living Wage will rise ten per cent next year and by 34 per cent by 2020, nor that the tax free allowance is rising to £12,500, nor that 30 hours of free childcare are worth £5,000 to a working parent.

"However, it has happened; and what we must address are the consequences of that. The Chancellor said he would listen, and that's precisely what he intends to do.

“We believe we can achieve the same goal of reforming tax credits, saving the money we need to save to secure our economy, while at the same time helping in the transition.

“There will be further steps announced in the Autumn Statement to deliver that lower welfare, higher wage economy that we were elected to deliver and the British people want to see."