Local Workers Get April Wage Hike

LOW PAID workers across Worcestershire will enjoy a real terms pay hike this month as Budget measures come into force helping millions of people.

And the news that personal tax allowances and the National Living Wage have increased was welcomed by West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin.

More than two million people across the UK benefitted from a pay rise on April 1 with lower paid workers over 25 seeing the National Living Wage increased to £7.50 an hour – a pay rise of £500 a year.

And from April 6, personal tax allowances will increase meaning that workers will be able to earn £11,500 before having to pay income tax.

Harriett commented: “This Government has committed to introducing and now lifting the National Living Wage and increasing the tax free personal allowance helping lower paid workers to take home more of their hard-earned wages.

“But the increasing personal allowances means that every working person earning over £11,500 gets a take home pay rise and the Government is committed to increasing the tax-free allowance to £12,500 the end of this Parliament.