Your vote can stop Ed Miliband and the SNP

With polls predicting wipeout for Labour in Scotland, Ed Miliband needs the SNP to get into No10.They'll hold him to ransom - demanding more debt, more borrowing and more taxes - and you'll pay for it.Vote Conservative t

A strong economy for a strong NHS

We're building a stronger economy and will increase spending on the NHS so everyone can get the care they need.

David Cameron and the Conservatives will:

Harriett Meets Malvern Small Businesses

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative parliamentary candidate Harriett Baldwin met with small businesses as part of a national Conservative campaign to support the Government’s long-term economic plan.

Dan Dalton MEP: Compulsory spy-in-the-car system bad for road safety

Strasburg, 28th April - Daniel Dalton MEP, Conservative spokesman on consumer protection, along with other Conservative MEPs, has opposed EU legislation which would force all cars to include controversial satellite-tracking technology that broadcasts a locator signal in the event of an accident. They opposed the measure as expensive, authoritarian and potentially counter-productive.

Small Businesses Backs Harriett

WEST WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative parliamentary candidate Harriett Baldwin today received the backing of small business as part of a national campaign organised by Karren Brady of The Apprentice to support the Conservative’s long-term economic plan.